My love for photography began with National Geographic magazine.  As a child I would sit for hours pouring over the stunning pictures, and imagine being the one to take them.  

My first camera was an old Pentax SE-Super, and my introduction to photography.  I would bring it to Maine on summer trips; photographing everything from lady bugs to sparklers down on the dock.  

It wasn't until about 2013 that I began to invest some serious time into learning digital photography.  As a self-taught photographer I had to chop the information into bite sized pieces, and learn a bit each day.

Today, I enjoy all types of photography in the freelance world.  I often get the question, "what's your favorite thing to shoot?"  I love portrait photography, travel, and nature/animals.  I've yet to do an African Safari but it's on the list.


I grew up in the small town of Topsfield, just north of Boston, Ma attending Masconomet Regional High School.  I would later head off to Westminster College to pursue a degree in Biology.  

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