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Better Late Than Cinco...

As embarrassing as it is to admit, that‘s me in the photo. It was roughly a decade ago on Cinco De Mayo, and I was doing a radio interview for WBUR. Ok, jokes aside, I wanted to celebrate (albeit a little late...) Cinco with one of my favorite food shoots, Lolita Tequila Bar. This post is less about teaching, and more about getting excited to eat Mexican food! With restaurants beginning to come back after one train wreck of a year I thought, why not start with Mexican?

And let’s not forget about what some consider the most important part of the Cinco celebration; the booze!! If that food got your mouth watering, check out their cocktails below:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Mexican visual vacation. If you’re interested in tasting all this in the real world you should visit! Lolita Fort Point 253 Summer Street Boston, Ma 02210. I’m pretty sure you’ll leave with a smile on your face. (I will be sure to do a post explaining how I shot all of these images).

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