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About Me

 I took so many pictures as a kid, of flaming sunsets, shiny beetles, sparklers by the lake on a summer night in Maine. I dreamt that I was traveling the world for National Geographic, and that my pictures would be on the cover. For years, I let that dream slip away from my thoughts, but somehow it never really left me. Today, I’m a professional photographer. Self-taught, I’ve taken other passions of mine and woven them into my work. Having spent years in the food and beverage industry, I knew how to take beautiful food and make it art. In my travels, I’ve been able to open up the world to others through my photos. As a dog person to my soul, I love framing up the neighborhood pack for dynamic group pictures. I also love taking portraits, getting to draw out another facet of my subjects that perhaps even they never saw in themselves. I’m based in Boston, love what I do, and will travel for food, exotic locales, people, dogs, or just about any interesting leaf that I might notice drifting across a puddle.

Contact Me

481 Beacon Street (unit 2)

Boston, Ma 02115

Tel: 978-828-6633

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